Rosemary can walk… thanks to you!

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Thanks to Operation Tanzania and you, Rosemary, 10 months, won’t have to live her entire life on twisted, painful clubfeet.
Rosemary’s parents were doing all they could to care for Rosemary and their four other children. But, work is scarce. They could barely provide food and clothing… let alone medical care for Rosemary’s clubfeet. Read More

You eased suffering after the storm

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When Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti with 230 km/h winds, heavy rains and dangerous storm surges in October of 2016, you were ready to help.

You showed you cared about the most vulnerable children and families during a catastrophic emergency… those living in poverty with disabilities.

You showed your love by giving $207,230.

Read More


A baby shower of blessings

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Cynthia Parsons, Kristen and Deb Brown.
In November, Deb Brown and Cynthia Parsons threw a baby shower for their daughter and daughter-in-law, Kristen. As a thank-you gift for their guests, they honoured them with a healinghug for four-year-old Frank, a boy with clubfoot from Uganda. The guests said they loved this gesture! Read More


Homes4Hope + cbm + Habitat for Humanity = accessible homes

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Homes4Hope is a growing group of individuals committed to giving homes and health to people with disabilities living in the poorest countries in Africa.

Again this year, you and other cbm donors partnered with Habitat for Humanity and Homes4Hope* to build accessible homes in Ethiopia. You gave the house keys to 20 families in 2016! A warm, strong, safe home means a happier, healthier family.

Goods to go!

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Thanks to Ottobock Canada for their donation of more than 7 skids of medical supplies including mobility devices such as wheelchairs, transport strollers and early intervention therapy equipment.

These medical devices will help children heal, thrive and discover the world around them.