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A Group Hug is a new way for you to fundraise alongside of cbm. You invite your friends to contribute to a year of medical care for one of the world’s most vulnerable kids, and together you send a Group Hug across the miles. Read More


You gave sight and a new life

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Furthermore (left), is a 23-year-old who was orphaned. She was treated for bilateral cataracts after being blind for four years.
Throughout 2016, you and supporters across Canada gave beautiful miracles of sight. Cataract surgery is a relatively simple eye surgery. It takes just 10-12 minutes, and literally overnight a mom or granddad who has been blind for years, goes from blindness to sight. Read More

Dr Pons

You and Dr. Pons giving sight

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Thanks to your support, Dr. Jonathan Pons (Jono to his friends) gives sight to hundreds of people each year.
The Good Shepherd Eye Service was started in 1998 by Dr. Jonathan Pons in partnership with the Good Shepherd Hospital and cbm. Dr. Pons is the only full-time, practising ophthalmologist in Swaziland. Read More


You rescued people from fear, pain and blindness

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Serkie at home with her husband, Ali, and her daughter, Hayte, after eye surgery.
SAFE from trachoma

Back in May and June we told you about Serkie… a young mom in Ethiopia struggling with trachoma, a highly contagious and painful eye disease.

“I’m so happy about what you did for me and my family… the pain in my eyes is gone and I do not have to be afraid of going blind anymore. Read More