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Thanks to supporters like you around the world, millions of children will grow up seeing the world around them, playing with their friends, reading the blackboard at school. Millions of moms, dads and grandparents had their sight restored and now have a better chance to pull their families out of deep poverty.

YOU saved sight for 28.3 million people (10 million more than last year!) who would otherwise become blind from trachoma and river blindness.

YOU restored sight to 673,683 moms, dads and grandparents through eye surgery, including 460,627 cataract operations.

YOU gave eyeglasses to 694,314 people.

YOU gave low vision devices to help 15,591 people to see.

YOU supported 1,672 eye specialists.

YOU gave 2,657 eye nurses and eye medical assistants training through courses and workshops.

YOU screened/examined/treated the vision of 8,459,589 men, women, boys and girls.

Sight For Swaziland

Sight for Swaziland

Let’s move the party to Swaziland. Thanks to amazing supporters like you for throwing a surprise party!

The goal was to raise $3 million over 3 years to provide Swaziland with a country-wide eye care strategy.

Surprise! You gave $3,705,890 in just 2 years!

Your generosity allowed us to reach these goals to date:

  • 100 more rural communities are receiving eye-screening services each year
  • 1,000 life-restoring eye-surgeries are being performed each year
  • 9,000 sight-restoring eye glasses are being given to children and caregivers

We look forward to completing this program over the next few years, thanks to you.