shipping miracle

Dr. Lisbon, ophthalmologist at our partner hospital in Uganda said, “Three slit lamps were donated to us by cbm. Without a slit lamp, we aren’t able to do a good job at all.” A slit lamp shines a thin, intense light directly into the eye, and it’s used with a biomicroscope for the doctor to view the interior of the patient’s eye.

Shipping Miracle

We asked YOU to help us ship millions of dollars’ worth of hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, and much, much more to help children and moms, dads and grandparents to heal and live a life of abundance, joy and health.

In 2015, YOU and supporters across Canada gave a whopping $5.9M. This allowed us to send 214,677 of new and gently used goods to our partners who needed them to treat their patients.

You sent 15 shipments:








“There was much excitement and expectation especially at first sight. The items looked so organized and fairly new, if not brand new, compared to other donations we had received in the past. The staff all assembled to help in one way or another.”

– Nyimeh Rose Fon
Supervisor of CBC Health Services in Cameroon