Good news stories from 2015… thanks to you!

Dumsile reading to her 7-year-old grandson, Luyanda. “My life will change a lot now that I can see.”

Dumsile was one of 971 cataract patients identified in 2015 and one of the first 262 people to receive cataract surgery during our first Sight for Swaziland 2-week surgical session.

Sight for Swaziland + YOU

Bringing sight to an entire country!

There is an alarming need in the country of Swaziland. A generation of parents has been decimated by HIV/AIDS, leaving thousands of children in the care of their aging grandparents. Now these grandparents are going blind due to cataracts.

We asked you to help us build a national eye-care program – to restore sight to Swaziland’s grandmas and granddads and to blanket the rural areas with sight-protecting eye health and refraction services.

Our goal was $3 million over 3 years. To date, amazing supporters like you have given $3.2 million!

In 2015, thanks to you, we were able to:

  • Train a team of talented, passionate nurses and healthcare staff
  • Develop a high-volume, mobile screening strategy for school children and families
  • Identify and purchase necessary surgical equipment
  • Recruit experienced, world-class eye surgeons to help give sight to the huge backlog of people waiting in blindness
  • Staff and equip the first of two refraction units to provide prescription eyeglasses to the poorest people of Swaziland

One more life changed thanks to Sight for Swaziland and YOU

Ntombenhle is a 10 year-old-girl with low vision. Thanks to you, Ntombenhle was one of 13,124 eyeglass recipients in 2015 through Sight for Swaziland.

Ntombenhle dreams of becoming a doctor someday. “I want to treat people, make them well.”


A whole world needs everyone – including YOU – especially at Christmas

The top five ways YOU created beautiful possibilities in the lives of children and families this Christmas!

5. You stopped needless pain and blindness for 779 children by providing medication, community health care and sanitation.

4. You gave 715 children casts, braces, crutches and shoes so they could walk, run, go to school and play – pain free – with their friends.

3. You gave families income-generating, egg-laying, milk-giving livestock: 1,129 pigs, 3,136 chickens and 664 goats.

2. You gave clean, thirst-quenching, infection-fighting water… to 5,368 children, moms, dads and grandparents.

1. You gave the miracle of sight to 2,569 children, moms, dads and grandparents.


Miracle of sight

Beautiful possibilities to learn, play, see, thrive EVERY MONTH.

Our cbm Partners are an amazing group of dedicated, faithful supporters. In 2015, these 3,115  monthly donors gave over $1 million, enough to give:

  • 12,839 people sight-restoring cataract surgery
  • 1,177 children the complete ability-restoring medical care they need
  • 4,237 families emergency care

Thank you, cbm Partners, for changing the world every month of the year.

You gave Miracles of Sight

From blindness to sight in 12 minutes flat

Throughout 2015, caring supporters like you gave sight to 15,255 moms, dads and grandparents through a 10-12 minute cataract surgery.

Keeping eyes SAFE

We asked you to help us stop trachoma in its tracks in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, and you stepped up to the plate.

You helped to relieve the pain and discomfort, the weeping eyes and the blindness caused by trachoma. You provided Surgery, Antibiotics, clean water for Face-washing and Environmental changes for better hygiene.

cbm + you = a LOT of SAFE eyes

  • We built 1,678 pit latrines.
  • We gave 10,848 people access to safe, clean water.
  • We taught 14,250 children and families about the causes, prevention and treatment
    of trachoma.

Rescuing people from fear and blindness

Way back in January, 2015, we asked you to help us rescue people from River Blindness and wipe it off the face of the earth by 2025. You gave enough to rescue 1,555 entire communities – a total of 311,000 people – from sight-robbing River Blindness.

Free… for life

Throughout 2015, we invited you to come along with Denis on his journey of hope and healing. Through the updates we sent you – letters, emails, videos and Facebook posts—you saw and heard how Denis was freed to live a life with beautiful possibilities. We put a young face on all the children waiting for your generous care. And boy, did you care!

In March, we asked you to help us find more children like Denis…to stop their pain. You gave enough to help us find 2,272 children – thanks to you, these children started their journey of hope and healing.

In May, Canadians like you funded surgeries for 298 children like Denis – straightening legs, cleaning out bone infections, fixing cleft lips and restoring sight to blind eyes.

In August, you gave 2,114 children the chance to go to school – for many it was their first time! You opened up beautiful possibilities for these kids to thrive and learn and belong.

Denis is off and running, ready for his life of opportunity. We hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride. Thank you for your prayers for Denis and for your gifts to help thousands more children like him.

Denis run after surgery

Healing medical care and a hug from Canada.

In 2015, our amazing cbm Child Sponsors and healing hug donors (you know who you are) gave 2,565 of the poorest, most forgotten children in the world the healing care they need in one of our partner hospitals.

Through monthly gifts, supporters like you have helped children with clubfoot and bone deformities walk and run. You’ve given children sight, hearing and bone-protecting medical care. You’ve taken away the pain, and the taunting that too often comes with having a disability in a poor community.

You set vulnerable children free to live better, longer, fuller lives!

Healinghug child

Rebuilding shattered lives in Nepal

When two massive earthquakes hit Nepal in April and May of 2015, you responded with enormous compassion for the most vulnerable – those living in poverty with disabilities – during a catastrophic emergency.

Thanks to you and supporters like you:

14,808 earthquake survivors received access to medical and psychosocial rehabilitation and support

878 people received medical interventions/surgeries

2,780 people received psychosocial counselling, trauma care and tailored psychological first aid

And we’re still on the ground, helping to rebuild homes and lives, as people continue to heal and learn to live with new disabilities.

We asked you to help us ship miracles around the world

YOU delivered!

You helped us ship 13 containers by sea and 2 by air… chock full of life-changing, life-enhancing and life-saving medical items. They were sent to waiting trusted partners in Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Swaziland, Uganda and Zambia.

More than 200,000 items were shipped, including: 189 hospital beds, 423 wheelchairs, nearly 11,000 orthopedic and prosthetic devices, along with thousands and thousands of other optical, dental, surgical and medical supplies/equipment.

The value of these shipments? A whopping $7,916,552!

Once these donated medical goods are in the hands of our doctors and orthopaedic technicians, physiotherapists and community workers, they make a world of difference for people like Lat.

Thank you for sending Lat a wheelchair.
You added sunshine to her days.

“Before I used to stay in the room, but now thanks to the wheelchair, I can go outside.”

Lat, a 31-year-old woman in Madagascar, can’t walk because of a mysterious genetic condition. Her family couldn’t afford the wheelchair she needed to get around, so she spent her days in bed, dependent on her mother to carry her.

Then cbm heard about her. Lat was given a free wheelchair – donated and shipped by Canadian supporters like you! Now Lat is able to go outside on her own and feel the sunshine on her face.

Lat, a 31-year-old woman in Madagascar

A huge thank you to YOU and cbm supporters around the world…

  • cbm brings hope and healing to 45,491,000 children, moms, dads, & grandparents with Disabilities

  • cbm works with 483 local partners in 65 of the poorest countries

  • We have 672 projects providing a range of medical care

Here’s how your donations are used to transform lives:

    (2014-2015 figures)

    83% Life-changing programs – Feeding the hungry, preventing disability, and restoring sight & ability.

    11% Fundraising – Finding new supporters and helping raise the money & prayer support we need to make our work possible.

    6% Administration – Making sure donations go where you want them to and are used wisely.

    A+ rating for cbm Canada

    MoneySense magazine rates the top 100 Canadian charities annually according to charity efficiency, fundraising costs, governance and transparency, and cash reserves (Issue: December 2015).

    cbm Canada was ranked A+ right across the board. You can be confident, knowing your dollars are being used wisely, as together we share the love of Jesus with some of the poorest people in the world. It’s all about accountability to you and to the children and families we serve.