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Dr. Hodges checks in on Dr. Cornelius Masambu while he performs the one hour cleft lip repair surgery. “We do a lot of clefts so the trainees get a lot of experience on cleft surgery but we continue to check to ensure that they are on track. For example, Dr. Cornelius (Masambu), a second year Master of Medicine student, has been with us for a while so he is comfortable to do cleft surgery on his own,” Dr. Hodges explains.

Dr. Cornelius elaborates, “Godwin’s surgery went well. He will have a good scar. There were no problems that we didn’t anticipate. From here he will go to the ward and if stable start feeding immediately. He has stitches but they will self-dissolve in a week’s time. We will discharge him tomorrow and review him in three months to see how he is doing.”

You trained

  • 4,282 Doctors
  • 7,475 Nurses
  • 19,241 Teachers

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Here’s how you demonstrated your care to God’s people with disabilities:

  • You gave education to 96,727
  • You gave therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions to 1,507,775
  • You gave vocational training to 27,717
  • You gave employment to 33,859 men and women
  • You gave financial services to 30,155
  • You supported 375,614 children and parents through peer-to-peer and self-help groups