Ethiopia is suffering its worst drought in decades. Unlike the famine of 1985 when a million people starved to death, we saw this crisis coming and immediately prepared for it. We reached out to you for help and many of you responded generously.

You’re helping the children, women and men of Ethiopia by providing food, water and sanitation. You’re continuing to help them rebuild their lives by sending them seeds and farm kits to provide sustainable sources of income… so parents can feed their children even when the food crisis is over.

In any crisis, children who can’t see, or who have trouble walking or hearing have the most difficulty getting to the food distribution centre.

Our Emergency Response Team meets with persons in charge to conduct assessments in and around schools to identify persons with disabilities. To include them so they get the food and water they need… and to identify their needs for assistive devices.

You VALUE the most vulnerable children of the world

YOU and cbm’s partner ORDA (Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara) are continuing to save lives on a much-needed ongoing basis.

  • 45 rural schools are receiving food to feed the hungry children
  • 6,000 people are receiving access to water supply systems
  • 15 life-supporting ponds were constructed

HaimanotYOU are showing children like Haimanot (above), who is deaf, that her life matters. You helped us find her and make sure she got to the food distribution centre.