Achilles (front right) enjoys “playing cars” with his friends. While he sits in a large, cut-out jerry can, he calls out to his friends to pull him around the compound. It’s hard for him to take his turn pulling because it hurts his bowed legs too much.

Thanks to supporters like you who paid for his surgery to straighten his legs, 3-year-old Achilles will soon be able to play pain-free, and walk to school, and do his chores.

Dr. Robert Ayella, orthopaedic surgeon, explained that Achilles’ bowed legs will gradually straighten with plates positioned on the outer sides of both knees. Without you, Achilles’ family would never have been able to afford the corrective
surgery he needed. Thank YOU.

It’s Time for the Kids to Celebrate

Kids celebrate

Here are some of the kids helped through our healinghugs program.

YOU gave hope and healing to children living with poverty and disability… the world’s poorest children.

In the past year, you gave 3.2 million children ability-restoring medical care.

You opened and protected their eyes. You straightened their legs so they can walk pain-free and strong for the rest of their lives. You gave the gift of conversation by giving sound to children who couldn’t hear.

You gave these children a second chance at a life. Now they can prosper, grow and reach their full potential. You showed that you value all children as God values them.

YOU showed you care by giving:

  • 56,917 children leg-straightening, tendon-releasing, ability-restoring surgeries
  • 2,233,084 children sight-protecting eye care
  • 337,555 children the gift of sound
  • 210,938 children ability-restoring assistive devices
  • 771,936 children muscle-strengthening therapy and rehabilitation
  • 79,913 children the chance to go to school
  • 13,582,045 children medication for neglected tropical diseases

To keep our programs safe for children

cbm supported ongoing training on child safeguarding:

  • 10,232 staff at partner organizations participated in child safeguarding programs
  • 54,902 participants of our projects’ target group were sensitized and trained in special courses on awareness of children’s rights and child safeguarding