You gave sight and a new life

By January 18, 2017Uncategorized
Furthermore (left), is a 23-year-old who was orphaned. She was treated for bilateral cataracts after being blind for four years.

Throughout 2016, you and supporters across Canada gave beautiful miracles of sight. Cataract surgery is a relatively simple eye surgery. It takes just 10-12 minutes, and literally overnight a mom or granddad who has been blind for years, goes from blindness to sight.

The difference your 19,474 miracles of sight have made in lives and whole families is undeniable!

Thank you to our cbm Partners for sending their love every single month

In 2016, our amazing and faithful cbm Partners gave monthly gifts totalling $1.02 million… enough to give:

  • 10,415 people sight-restoring cataract surgery
  • 1,128 children the complete ability-restoring medical care they need
  • 4,062 families medical care

These cbm Partners give us a dependable and steady stream of support, allowing us to plan more effectively and help LOTS of children and families.