You rescued people from fear, pain and blindness

By January 18, 2017Uncategorized
Serkie at home with her husband, Ali, and her daughter, Hayte, after eye surgery.

SAFE from trachoma

Back in May and June we told you about Serkie… a young mom in Ethiopia struggling with trachoma, a highly contagious and painful eye disease.

“I’m so happy about what you did for me and my family… the pain in my eyes is gone and I do not have to be afraid of going blind anymore. I know how to prevent re-contracting the disease and how to make sure our children don’t get infected,” said Serkie with a smile.

And she’s not the only one. You gave enough:

  • To give 4,447 moms and dads sight-saving surgery
  • To build 8 pit latrines
  • To give 3,500 people access to safe, clean water
  • To teach 11,562 children and families how to prevent and treat trachoma

Free from River Blindness…

In January we told you about the daily fear of 18 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. The fear of River Blindness. You listened and responded.

You stopped the fear, the unrelenting itch and eventual loss of sight from River Blindness for 134,553 people.

You’re awesome!

Surgery – to stop moms and dads from going blind

Antibiotics – to keep kids from getting the trachoma infection in the first place

Facial Cleansing – Clean water and hygiene education – clean eyes are healthy eyes

Environmental Improvements – latrines, garbage disposal, capped wells to keep a community healthy